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For winter sports enthusiasts, the ski resorts of Orobica in the Alpine foothills offer snowboarding, ice skating and ski slopes for holidays with the best in sport, nature and high-quality services. Those who prefer a holiday devoted to health and fitness amidst the fresh air and beauty of the mountains should head for the Sant'Omobono Terme in the lush Imagna Valley.


The Seriana Valley offers a range of paths and trails for cycling, trekking and walking while seeing villages of rare beauty; or perhaps the Gromo Castle, built in 1226 atop a rock dominating the valley; and the Serio Waterfall that, at 1,033 feet is the highest in Italy and among the highest in Europe.


Itineraries that touch on the Province's natural oases begin in the Parco dei Colli di Bergamo that encompasses a large valley surrounding the city, and move on to the Regional Natural Reserve of Valpredina, a WWF oasis, with typical Alpine wildlife and botanical gardens, where Mediterranean vegetation has been artificially cultivated and adapted to the local climatic conditions. The evocative mountain pathway, the Sentiero dei Fiori (the path of flowers) in the boroughs of Oltre il Colle and Zambla is worthy of note for its plants dating back to the Ice Age.


The Lombardy Region's lakes are the destination of choice for those who love sailing, windsurfing, mini-cruises or simply strolling lakeside. From the Villa d’Adda, a ferry - a craft originally imagined up by Leonardo da Vinci - runs along the Adda River: it is a 197-ft wooden boat connecting Lecco to Bergamo.Finally, the Terme di Trescore is a spa offering invigorating waters, health, wellness and relaxation.


Bike paths are also bountiful in Bergamo Province, with 124 miles' worth traversing many of its most evocative and inspiring sights and locations.