Bergamo and its Province are ideal destinations for those who love art, culture, and/or sports, thanks to its well-appointed touristic offerings. Tourism in the area, in fact, takes advantage of masterpieces, whether manmade or nature made, all amidst a pleasant climate and ancient history.


The Province of Bergamo is situated in the eastern Lombardy Region, occupying the central section of the Alpine foothills and a small expanse of the Po River Plain. The north of the Province is a mountainous region, connected to the south by land straddling the hills and the Po River Plain. The territory of Bergamo boasts landscapes that combine nature and human presence in a harmonious way.


Its valleys (Val Brembana and Val Seriana are those foremost, giving way to smaller, but no less evocative valleys) are the locations for numerous ski slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, served by an extensive network of ski lifts.

These valleys are not only beautiful in winter: they reveal their sweeter side during summertime, perfect for excursions amidst the lush vegetation bathed in light. Meanwhile, in autumn, the forests covering the hillsides are an explosion of browns and reds, a fairytale landscape that seems to change daily.


The Lakes of Lombardy, at the border with Brescia, include Lake Iseo, ideal for water sports, boat trips, or visiting the surrounding villages; and Lake Endine, considered to be a wildlife oasis surrounded by woods and reed beds.

In the area incorporating Val Cavallina, Val Calepio, Alto and Basso Sebino, the lakes are marked by more distinctive, geographical outlines, and the surrounding hills and peaks with their own particular environmental features contain within a wealth of historic and artistic heritage. Bergamo Alta is wonderful at any season !