The province of Bergamo is historically a land of encounters and exchanges between cultures and peoples that have followed one another since time immemorial, leaving traces of culture, know-how and flavors on the territory.


At Casa San Giorgio we are "great cooking enthusiasts" and with a solid background in the sector that allows us to organize cooking classes for guests on request.


It seemed important to us, given our passion, to provide guests with information and suggestions to introduce products, places and people who, day after day, give us great emotions.


With the Food Emotion project, the restaurants of Bergamo and its province, with their cultural heritage, are transformed into stories to tell, to live and, above all, to taste.


A real network of restaurants in Bergamo and its province which, through this platform, collects and disseminates information, curiosities, stories and news.


Food Emotion thus becomes a point of reference for the passion of all those looking for true taste experiences, promoting and enhancing the particularities of Italian catering.